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The unbelievable development of Asgardian technology

Warning: Spoilers for both Thor movies and Guardians of the Galaxy

There are a lot of things about Asgard that don’t make sense, and their technological development is definitely one of them. In the first film, they are riding around on horses, and it’s made quite clear in several MCU films that people who hail from Asgard don’t understand Midgardian technology (which leads to some rather amusing fanfictions).

Yet by the second film, set two years after the first, Asgardians can not only understand the workings of the Dark Elves’ technology, but they have their own ships which can fly and shoot lasers at people.

What makes even less sense is that Asgard seems to be the only realm in the universe which doesn’t have advanced technology. The Dark Elves have ships much like those which they use to attack Asgard in Dark World in the prologue of the second Thor film, which takes place before the dawn of the universe as we know it. Yet by the time of the first Thor film, Asgard’s technology has barely left the Middle Ages.

Meanwhile, planets all over the universe – including Earth – are developing technology, as we see in Guardians of the Galaxy. Asgardians and Jotuns are the only races in the universe which are technologically illiterate, which changes – for Asgard, at least – in the space of two years.

In the way the universe has been portrayed so far, advanced technology has been around since before the dawning of the light which spelled the first defeat of the Dark Elves. Asgard was, at this point, aware of the Dark Elves’ technology. Once the rest of the universe began to develop, technology was developed on every planet, including Earth, but Asgard was left behind, even up to the point of the first Thor film. Then, in the two year gap between the first Thor film and Dark World, Asgard developed its technology so fast that it suddenly had flying machines which can shoot lasers at people.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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