Now My Wings Fit

Heartstrings (and Wolfstar oneshot update)

Heartstrings is my baby. One of my babies. I have lots of babies. They’re all stories. I’m getting off track…

I have been working on Heartstrings for years so far. What with the planning and the writing, and the abandoning it for nearly a year and then blitzing it in a week, the first draft is finally finished! It currently stands at nearly 90,000 words (though I have a feeling I waffled a lot and it’ll get a lot shorter than that when it’s actually posted). I’ve still got a long way to go, but this means that the re-writing process can officially start!

In other news, I have also completed the second draft of my Harry Potter oneshot. Stay tuned for more news…

In light of all this, I can finally go back to my Loki and the Doctor series! The Minds of the Madmen, here I come…


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