Now My Wings Fit

Word of the Day Challenge: Rhapsodic

Thanks go to my flatmate, as without his nerdy comic book/Marvel Cinematic Universe conversations, this never would have happened.

Rhapsodic – extravagantly enthusiastic, ecstatic

Warning: minor spoilers for Age of Ultron, theory for Infinity War

Disclaimer: Don’t own Avengers

Before his lightning even has chance to strike the massive being before him, Thanos swats Thor away with an idle flick of his hand.

The god soars off, his body slamming into the rocky ground and laying there, unmoving.

Cap can only stare in wonder at the unconscious body of his friend and teammate. Not even Hulk could knock Thor out.

But he doesn’t have time to either ponder on Thor’s defeat nor avenge him, for Chitauri minions are quickly surrounding him, and his shield has not yet returned to him since he last threw it.

He reaches out his hand, the cuff on his wrist activated and seeking out his weapon.

It flies into his hand, but it feels different somehow.

Cap turns his head to see what has changed, only to see that nothing has changed about his shield at all: it is as it has always been – and it is still lying halfway across the battlefield.

In his hand sits Mjölnir, the tool having abandoned its fallen master.

Cap doesn’t waste time on wondering why this is happening; he simply slams the hammer into the ground, wiping the rhapsodic smile off of Thanos’ face with one gigantic bolt of lightning.

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