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Once Upon a Time and plot arcs

Warning: Spoilers for Once Upon a Time, especially season 3

There is a similarity between Once Upon a Time and Yu-Gi-Oh! Hear me out.

For the first two seasons of Once Upon a Time, it acts like a normal TV show; one overarching plot which covers the whole season, and has something at the end which kickstarts the next season. In seasons three and four, however, this changes; each half of the season has its own plot, with links between the two plots which make up each season.

It’s not noticeable until season 3, but Once Upon a Time works on plot arcs rather than season plots, like most shows (looking at you, Sherlock and Doctor Who) do. This is much more like Yu-Gi-Oh!, which has plot arcs which all connect in the end.

This is the first TV show that I have seen with plot arcs like this. Yu-Gi-Oh! is slightly different, being based off of a manga, but Once Upon a Time just does this. Seasons 1 and 2 are mostly made up of single arcs, while seasons 3 and 4 each have two arcs. But they are all connected, much like the arcs in Yu-Gi-Oh! (Though there is only one season, season 2, of Yu-Gi-Oh! which is made up of only one plot arc.)

It surprised me when the Peter Pan arc finished in the middle of season 3 and was taken over by the Zelena arc (these are not official names), and it took me a while to realise that what was going on was just like Yu-Gi-Oh! But that’s what is happening.


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