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The uncomfortable consequences of The Princess and the Frog

Much like Enchanted, I loved The Princess and the Frog – except for one detail: Tiana cannot achieve happiness on her own.

We know from the very beginning of the film what it is that Tiana wants: a restaurant to honour her father. The beginning of the film shows how hard she works to try and achieve this goal, working two jobs. She even tells Naveen that she works double shifts to get the money for the deposit on the property she wants to turn into her restaurant. We even see that she is Almost There, with nearly enough money to begin her dream.

But, then, she loses it. Her dream is no longer possible.

That is, until, the end of the film – when she marries.

Independently, no matter how hard Tiana worked, she couldn’t get her dream. The only way that she could get her dream was to marry – and to marry a prince, no less.

Much like with Enchanted, this seems a rather uncomfortable message.


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