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The Eternal War Trilogy Challenge Day #35 (Final Day)

Day 35: word count 566

I didn’t write as much on this last day of my challenge as I have written on other days. I still feel proud of myself, though; I never gave up on the challenge, and consistently wrote more than my 500 word minimum. I have been keeping a record of how many words I’ve been writing, and can now say that I surpassed my original target by over 12,500 words! Not only that, but I have passed the halfway point of the first book, and have developed loads more ideas for the Eternal War Trilogy as a whole.

I’m not going to be quite as dedicated to the Eternal War Trilogy for the next few weeks, though I hope to still be writing it from time to time. Since I’m going back to uni, I was hoping to focus once again on fanfiction. I have a long Harry Potter oneshot that I have planned that I want to get written, as well as maybe doing some more work on my Loki and the Doctor series. (I’ve also recently got into Once Upon a Time and have at least three ideas for fanfictions for that, though they’re kind of more unofficial. Though if I’m not kidding myself, I’m going to be writing for that, too.)

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