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The Eternal War Trilogy

As I have mentioned many times before, the Eternal War Trilogy is my baby. It’s the novel idea that I had (no pun intended) that I would just love to actually get written, despite the trouble that I’ve had with it.

Originally, I intended it to be a one-off: a single chapter of about 8000 words. Then I actually started to write the one-off, and it became around 12,000 words. Then I decided to make it into a whole book. Then I decided to make it into a trilogy.

I have actually planned out the first book, but – as with all novel-length story ideas – I began to lose enthusiasm for it. No matter how much I wanted to write this thing, I just couldn’t get my head around actually trying to write something that would end up as long as a novel usually should be.

A few weeks ago, in Creative Writing Society, however, I had a brainwave: I decided to write the Eternal War Trilogy as a series, much like I do with my Sherlock series, the Volens!Verse, my Doctor Who series, the Angel!Verse, and my Doctor Who-Thor/Avengers Crossover series, Loki and the Doctor. These consist not of one long story, but of a series of shorter stories, usually between one and three chapters, of around 3000-9000 words. These work for me because I don’t get bored of writing a longer story, but I get to keep developing a single plot arc that spans multiple stories.

This, then, is how I am going to write the Eternal War Trilogy. I broke what I had already written (that 12,000 word first chapter) into a story in the style of those in which I write my fanfiction: a three-chapter story with a simple plot in and of itself, but which would open the way for the wider plot arc. Yesterday, I finished the very first chapter of this new, shorter story.

I am very excited.

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