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Awful Shorts #3: Prompts

One day, two of my flatmates and I were watching Black Books. One of those flatmates (Flatmate #1) said that we should have a short story competition. The rules:

1) The story must be written within five minutes

2) It must be no longer than 250 words

3) It must be as messed up as you can make it

And so, Awful Shorts was born, a weekly competition in which the three of us attempt to write the most horrific short story we can in five minutes. This week’s theme was children’s literature; click inside to read the entries and find out who won.

Disclaimer: This is not like my normal writing; it’s just a bit of fun.

Warning: NSFW

AN: Sorry this took a week out; we had busy schedules and couldn’t meet up to write for a week, but we should be back on track until the end of term!

Read last time’s Awful Shorts where we wrote smut here!

For this week’s Awful Shorts, each of my flatmates and I decided on one prompt which had to be included in the story. These were:

1) Brown dress

2) An angry toaster

3) A private owned diesel locomotive, distinctly coloured in order to distinguish it from rival company locomotives

My Entry:

They took the same train every day, she was sure of it. Every morning, the 8:43 from Tintagel Terrace train station: the only neon green train that ever left from there, amidst a sea of darkened locomotives.

They had travelled that journey for months, always together on the platform, always together on the carriage – but never sitting next to each other.

Today, that would change.

She made a point of staying as close as possible, so as not to lose her. When they boarded the train, she maintained nonchalant as she casually made it so that they would have to sit together.

Yet when her bum finally sat on the seat, she realised that perhaps she had chosen the wrong day to try this.

Her hair was frazzled and her brown dress was messy, a clear sign of a bad morning.

As if she knew that she was curious as to how she had got into this state, she turned from the window and simply said,

“My toaster was really mad at me this morning.”

Flatmate #2’s Entry:

An angry toaster in a brown dress was riding on a plane. The plane crashed into a privately owned diesel locomotive which was distinctly coloured in order to distinguish it from rival company locomotives. The toaster became more angry from the crash and killed all the survivors. In then became enraged at what it had done and spat out thousands of baby demon tasters that destroyed humanity.

Winner: Flatmate #1’s Entry:

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl wearing a brown dress boarded a privately owned diesel locomotive, distinctly coloured in order to distinguish it from rival company locomotives.

She was followed on her by weird creepy stalker. She didn’t realise this at the time, but everyone around could tell. Seriously, it makes you scared for humanity nobody on the platform told her he would probably kill her if they were in the same room together.

He furiously masturbated over her every day. Rubbing his penis raw, leaving it chapped and ruined. His style was akin to an angry toaster. Fruitlessly attempting to get the job done, whilst constantly firing burnt, ruined semenless blanks.

Anyway, he sat on her carriage and asphyxiated her with the very brown dress she got on the train with. Poor choice of clothing my dear.

We thought Flatmate #1’s entry was the best; do you think we made the right choice?

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