Now My Wings Fit

CWS Exercise: Describing a setting; one character

Like the last exercise, this one involved a picture that we had to describe. This time, however, we were told that it had to include one character. It does cut off rather abruptly, but that was due to the time limit we had on the task.

He let out an annoyed huff of breath as he came to a fork in the tunnel. He had been promised that this wouldn’t be difficult: a simple, straight-forward tunnel, at the end of which would be his escape.

As he stood there, trying to work out which tunnel he should use, he was distracted by the scuttling sound of a rodent of some kind, rushing along the tracks to his right. He sneered over at it, feeling contempt at its daring to make such a racket in the silence that echoed off of the metal.

He walked up to the split in the tunnel, hoping that a closer inspection would provide him with the answer he so desperately needed. Behind him, he could hear the racing footsteps of the prison guards getting closer, hammering on the ground in a rhythmic beat.

He sighed, clenching his fists at his sides before he looked down, forcing the tension out of his body so that he could think

Only to see something atop a crate that he hadn’t noticed before: an arrow, pointing – thankfully – towards the tunnel to his right, which was flooded with light.

A smirk touched at his lips and he grabbed hold of the crate, heaving it around so that it seemed to indicate that he would be going left; he doubted it would buy him much time, but it would buy him some, and surely that was better than nothing.

He turned and raced down the right hand tunnel, the light shining brightly into his eyes; he lifted a hand to shield his face from it, stumbling slightly as he ran on.


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