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Currently working on…

I did not start this blog in a vacuum, and at this point, I find myself in the middle of several pieces of work. I wish to briefly give  details about these, just as a background.

A novel-length (which is why I’m having such trouble with it) BBC Sherlock fanfiction. Bored and looking for a new case, Sherlock ends up watching the news in search of anything interesting that he can get involved with. What catches his eye is a rather boring case for Sherlock Holmes – at least, that’s what John thinks – but something about that single homocide of a single mother in North London and the injury of her teenage daughter has the detective rushing out of the door without waiting for his blogger to follow him. When John eventually does follow him, he realises that his flatmate has been keeping secrets from him.

The Eternal War Trilogy
A romance fantasy trilogy set in an alternate world, where a single country has been in the midst of a civil war for so long that neither side can remember why the war started in the first place. Yet even in the middle of a horrible war fraught with kidnappings and vampires and werewolves, a lonely tavern girl and a warrior in the Southern Army forge a bond that may just let them escape the horrors of battle.

The Minds of the Madmen
Avengers/Doctor Who XOver. Fifth part of an ongoing series, Loki and the Doctor (can be found on my profile). This latest instalment sees Loki – in the middle of his plan to use the Chitauri army to take over the world – asked a favour of the Time Lord who made his alliance with Thanos’ lackeys possible.

Five Times Luke’s Gospel Nearly Ruined Paul
Bible fanfiction. Writing for the University of Exeter Paddon Award. It is the (highly contested) view of some New Testament scholars that the Gospel of Luke was written by the physician Luke who, in the Book of Acts, is said to be travelling with St Paul on the latter’s missionary journey across the known world. This is a series of short snapshots revealing how Luke dragging around an oversized scroll and not wanting to go anywhere before he finished his sentence got in the way of Paul’s mission.

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