Now My Wings Fit

The Last Petal Falls

You’ll discover that
death by any other name
would still smell as sweet.


Pussy Cat

I have Schrödinger’s
period: my menses in

Inanimate Life

When we took the piano to the forest, we knew it was the right thing to do. We’d been hearing the crying for weeks; the tree screaming for its baby. In just under a week, it had got to work: it was taking its baby back, and we’d never play that piano again.

Life Will Find a Way

Strike a match and watch
it burn, and, in the background,
the world will still turn.

Before We Tend to Our Broken Hearts

Let’s play poker with our beer mats
and pretend we’re real.
Let’s pretend, let’s pretend.
Let’s pretend.

Let’s pretend.

Fire, Cold as Ice

At the end of the
world, the rain sings : it sounds like
the last shades of gold.

One For the Money

Don’t forget your coins, my dear,
one for each of your eyes:
one for the underworld,
one for the Styx,
and remember that everyone dies.

The Hareless Tortoise

There once was a wizened tortoise
who patrolled the mossy undergrowth without fuss.
She had a certain weathered joy
for acting particularly coy,
and she lived her entire life thus.

Thomas Would Be Proud

They asked the class if there was anything darker than the space between stars.

“Yes,” they replied, “the hearts of men.”

Now the War is Over

The chemicals stripped the colour from the world. Or they made everyone colour blind. No one was really sure. But the metallic horizon afforded by vision in grey was nothing if not foreboding to the adventurers of the wasted land.

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