Now My Wings Fit

No. No It Isn’t.

the city of London burns.



I had a book that
was a doorstopper: when I
opened it, doors froze.

A New Low

I had to ask a
stranger to help me get a
thing down off a shelf
while in the supermarket:
slightly humiliating.

The Sense of an Ending

I don’t
want you anymore.

can you
even say that?

I Promise, I’m Not Looking at Your Boobs

If you are wearing
a t-shirt that has writing
on it, I will stare
at your chest until I’ve worked
out exactly what it says.

While I Was Walking Home

Saw a disheveled dog today: a scruffy ruff.

One of Those Moments When the Stars Align

bunny videos
while listening to

Just Died
in Your Arms

Methinks it
an appropriate soundtrack.

I Am My Own Worst Enemy

Don’t let anyone
tell you you can’t do something:
not even yourself.

The Curse of the Steamed-Up Glasses

I now remember
why I do not read while I
am eating porridge.

Winter is Ending

I am itching to
get out in the sunlight: it
has been far too long.

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